Bible Madness

“An absorbing and surprisingly thoughtful meditation on the place of religion in contemporary society.” Film Threat.

biblemadnesstallRoger Bunyan (Dallas Munroe) and Pete Jackson (Bart Aikens) are two bible college students out to win souls in this feature length movie that explores the world and mindset of two independent fundamental Baptists.

Bible Madness was mentioned in a number of articles that explored the subject of fundamentalism. Brills Content, OC Weekly, The Imp, Rock City News, and Los Angeles magazine mentioned Bible Madness. Brills Content, The Imp, and Los Angeles, in particular, noted the Jack Chick references in the movie. Film Threat gave it 3 1/2 stars and a positive review.

A graphic that advertises Bible Madness can be seen in this news report concerning a public awareness event on the subject of religious abuse that I held in Jacksonville, Florida. One of the most memorable screenings, though, was at Fuels Coffeehouse in Jacksonville following the 20 year reunion of my alma mater’s Trinity Christian Academy’s Class of 1980.

Bible Madness screened at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California, in 2006. It is now available at amazon video on demand.



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