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Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos: the new faces of child advocacy?


Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart writer responsible for shaming trans people, lesbians, and people of common sense, resigned after comments surfaced where he stated there was no reason for age of consent laws and that sex between children and adults could be positive. He also mentioned, on Joe Rogan’s podcast, that he had seen minors molested by adults and never reported it.

Most conservative organizations dropped him.  There is a small segment of the public that still supports him, and for a bizarre reason.  They hold that Milo, and other conservatives, are on the brink of exposing a secretive ring of pedophiles operating within the ‘deep state’. The arrest of Yiannopoulos, along with other social events like protests regarding immigration, are simply distractions from this goal.

“That’s why they became really nervous when citizen journalists began investigating pedophile rings in DC, they got shaken up.” says Mike Cernovich, best known as ‘that pizzagate guy’ , said during his call-in show, “The fake news media freaked out and now they want to tar everybody that they possibly can to try and distract from their true crimes, that’s what’s really going on here, 100 percent what’s going on here.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard these assertions.  I’ve seen them on Facebook feeds, usually after Donald Trump said, did, or signed, something horrible. Whether it’s protests, the ban on Muslims, the defunding of Planned Parenthood: all these things are merely distractions, according to the alt.right and their sympathizers, from the real story which is exposing a deep state pedophile ring.

Rex Tillerson, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, was praised for turning a jury against someone accused of child sexual abuse. Other memes suggest he was maligned by liberal groups because he planned on exposing the pizzagate conspiracy, which has since been debunked.  Still, there are others who condemn Tillerson, a former president of the Boy Scouts of America, for not addressing the pedophilia scandal related to that group.

Credible child abuse accusations, in the past, have been leveled against fundamentalist preachers, police officers, public school teachers, Hollywood celebrities, and, of course, members of Congress like Dennis Hastert. This is not at all secretive.  It’s right in front of our collective faces! We could be going after those people, but instead, voices online urge us to ignore the evidence of our eyes.  We are supposed to fight the phantoms and spectres of pizzagate, the Illuminati, the Luciferians, and other organizations from our  imagination regardless of the lack of evidence (other than prejudice and bigotry).

One of my biggest fears, regarding conservatives co-opting child abuse activism, is that minority groups like LGBTs will be blamed and stereotyped with bogus child abuse allegations.  It’s now worse than that.  The alt.right has taken control of the helm! Now refugees and immigrants will also suffer the brunt of prejudiced and false accusations while those who know better remain silent.

hitlermaketheliebigDonald Trump used the politics of abuse to attack Hillary Clinton, and some advocates jumped on board with him.  Those who claim to be child advocates intentionally ignored victims that have accused Trump of abuse. Perhaps if Trump wants to increase his likability ratings, he should just jump on the pizzagate bandwagon and launch a war against secret societies that allegedly engage in child abuse?

If any other scandal brings him down, people can always say it was retribution for exposing this secretive ring!  Forget those abusers who are hiding in plain sight like pastors, teachers, and politicians! Even Hitler used the politics of child abuse to propel his agenda.

Abuse advocates must stop being silent about this trend. We are about to reap the whirlwind for our silence. We must challenge such misinformed views with truth, reason, and evidence.


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