“Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What?”

“Like an Afterschool Special from Hell!”

Three generations of women are molested by the same pastor. A man with vast political connections and megachurch. Why isn’t Dr. Roger Bunyan, Jr, held accountable? Who else knew?

Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What? explores the conflict between fighting abuse while attempting to stay true to the doctrines of religious fundamentalists who demand obedience , submission, and silence.

DWAYNE WALKER is a writer, director and tour guide living in Las Vegas, Nevada. His video work resulted in Victory Christian Academy, an abusive fundamentalist group home that once operated in Ramona, Ca, being investigated and subsequently shut down. His blog, Christian School Confidential, covered the scandal of Bob Gray, the founder of Trinity Christian Academy (Walker’s alma mater), after he was arrested for multiple counts of child abuse.

This novel provides insight as to how religious organizations protect themselves from the prying eyes of secular authorities by using conspiracy theories and intimidation. It touches on the idea that an abusive population will elect abusive leaders. If you can cover up the abuse of a child in your church, or in your family, ignoring the abusiveness of your elected leaders is a piece of cake.

Many people, regardless of their religious or non religious upbringings, will find this e-novel invaluable.