Generation Beast (or, ‘Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What’) will released during ‘Read an E-book Week’.

Generation Beast, a revision of my novel, The Last Fundamentalist, will be released during Read an E-book week. Read an E-book week, which occurs during the first week of March, is a time when authors offer their work for discount prices, and sometimes for free.

This revision of my novel began during the 2020 lockdown . I had a lot of time on my hands and reflected on how disappointed I was the characters of the children in The Last Fundamentalist did not become fully developed characters in their own right. Since I do not have children, my emphasis was more on how the parents handled the news their child had been molested by the pastor of their megachurch.

I realized the children I wrote about would now be in their early to mid twenties! This would be a good time to expand the characters. One joins the military while the other isolates in her condo, trying to be safe from the pandemic, all while experiencing apocalyptic nightmares that keep getting validated every time she turns on the news.

This creates a dilemma. For some of the circumstances in Generation Beast to work, certain elements from the original novel must be changed. And these will not be minor changes!

This made me a little depressed until I began researching other works that had been rewritten or remade.

Were you aware that J.R.R. Tolkien rewrote portions of The Hobbit? Gollum let Bilbo Baggins have the ring in the original publication. Tolkien realized if this were truly a Ring of Power, Gollum would never just let a hobbit simply take the ring out of the cave. He would be attached to it! So, according to this article called ‘How JRR Tolkien Pulled a George Lucas on The Hobbit’, a rewrite was in order.

Stephen King published a new version of The Stand in 1990. It included material that could not be published in the original novel due to length of book.

Francis Ford Coppola is releasing  Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleon, which is Godfather 3 re-edited with only a few scenes cut. It is said the movie is now better than the original.

‘Generation Beast’ is my name for those who grew up after video conferencing and the internet became a vital part of our lives. Generation Beast will be a series following young millennials trying to deal with all the ‘cans’ we have kicked their way.

Generation Beast ( or: Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What), the first installment, focuses on generational responsibility. That national tendency we have to kick the can when it comes serious issues. Since the early days of our history, we have ignored important problems only to kick the can and condemn future generations with the repercussions of our bad decisions.

I have since unpublished The Last Fundamentalist. It is no longer available. If you have a copy of the paperback, consider that a collector’s item!

Generation Beast will be available during ‘read an e-book week’ which occurs during the week of March 7, 2021. Like, or bookmark this page, for news regarding the availability of Generation Beast (or, ‘Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What’) by Dwayne Walker.